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Aminata Keister Handbags Made-To-Order Services Sandals Statement Jewelry

We belive everyone should be able to embrace their individuality and want you to express your individual style & prefrences with our products.

With this service, we hope to make the availability of our product options varied but most importantly wanted by you in colors, sizes and fit that is unique to you.

Discover our Collection of Sandals, Handbags & Bead Jewelry & embrace your individuality

Our most customised service is Size

We also offer....

• Slim/Wide fit from our Spring/Summer Footlove Sandals & Gladiators 
• Color Combination & Size Choices with our Statement Jewelry
• Size/Color Options with our Clutch, Asymmetric, Fringe, Bucket, Cross Body Handbag Collection 

Due to the Handmade process of our products and sourcing ethical materials, it's likely some products won't be an exact copy of Stocked or Sold Out items however any and all information will be communicated to you and approved before any customisation is done.

 You'll find all the relevant information you need in our Made-To-Order Services page. Terms and Conditions apply so be sure to give it the once over. 

Get in touch for more details using this link Contact Us and let us know how we can help.

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