Zai & Ami

Zai & Ami Designs is a new lifestyle brand of African inspired fashion apparel and accessories by sisters Aminata & Zainab. Originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone, Zai and Ami Designs was born out of a mutual love of fashion and a strong desire to promote the creativity, diversity and beauty of the African continent.


It’s no secret the image of Africa is severely tainted and we want to be a part of the effort to change that narrative and influence the re-branding of Africa. We’ll start by changing how we see and market ourselves as a viable contender in the global marketplace. To that end, our mission is to create and showcase designs that celebrate our rich cultural heritage and tell empowering stories about our journey. We accomplish this through curated hand-made goods, ethically sourced raw materials and a finished product you will be proud to own.


Our design aesthetic involves marrying our respective styles with that of the craftsmanship of contemporary African artisans. We buy from established brands who share our core values and through collaborative design work to create one of a kind pieces for the modern woman.


We want you to experience a contemporary Africa that has so much to offer this global economy. As we journey together, we aspire to bring you curated design experiences that are as vibrant as the colors we choose to drape our bodies, tasteful as the spices in our foods and harmonious as the heartbeat of our music.

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Zai & Ami